Long breaths of inspiration I have taken

from the tradition and ways of the japanese carpenters;

whose qualities seem only to be matched by their smiths and tools,

descendants from the legacy of the samurai swordmakers.

Handcrafted Tools

Adze. 2014

Block-plane. 2014

Spokeshave. 2014

Steel Cable San mai blade. 2014

Chainsaw Blade. 2014

Damascus Razor. 2014

Workshop Knife, Steel Cable San mai. 2014

Pole Lathe Grinder.

Pole Lathe Grinder.

Pole Lathe Grinder.

"Bushcraft Knife". Wrought Iron & Japanese Sword Steel. 2014.

Foldable Knives. 2015.

Damascus Ring. 2015.

Cable Damascus. 2015.

Stainless Damascus. 2015.

Cable Damascus Bench Knife. 2015.

Damascus Kitchen Knife with Maple Handle & Sheath. 2015.

Rustic Damascus Kitchen Knife. 2015.

Kamisori Straight Razor. White Paper Steel, Wrought Iron and Nickel. Rattan Wrapping. 2015.

Kitchen Petty Knife. White Paper Steel, clay hardened & polished to reveal Hamon. 2015.

"Spoon Gouge". Silver Steel, Pear Wood and Copper. 2016.

"Carving Knifes". Blue Paper Steel & Masur Birch Handle. 2016

"Damascus Axe". Old axe gets a new edge, silver inlay and oaken handle. 2016.

The forging process.

"Damascus Kamisori". Core of Super Blue Paper Steel. 2016.

"Damascus Kamisori". Core of Blue Paper Steel with Cherry Case. 2016.



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